Girls Night: The Party Game

  • Rebecca Hickey
It's a really fun and unique idea that is perfect for girls' night out and party games.


In this game, you write in your name and names of your friends and try to guess answers to questions the game asks about yourselves.
Question example: "What are you wearing right now?" "What is your favorite drink?" "Where did you go on your last vacation?" "What is your favorite song?" "What is your favorite movie?"etc.

If you want to meet new friends and have a fun time in a party, you should play this game!


This game is more of a text game or a quiz game, so it can't really boast with any elaborated graphics. You just get questions on the screen and pick the answer from the list. There really isn't any graphics engine, it's all about text.


Girls Night: The Party Game replayability is good enough for when you're having a party, and you can play it as long as you want and not get bored. The card game can be played with any number of players, and you can play it when you have time. Girls Night: The Party Game is a good party game.


This game doesn't really have any complex controls. You just pick questions, and then pick answers. You do it by tapping on the screen. It's that simple.


Girls Night: The Party Game is a good party game, and it's a good choice if you want to have a good time in a party. The controls are simple, the graphics are average, and the replayability is good. The game asks a lot of questions, and it's fun to guess what your friends think about you. It's a good game.

  • Great for ice breaker game
  • This game is very funny
  • This game is very quick.
  • Gameplay depends on players.