• Rebecca Hickey
The engine sound, tire's sound, crash, handling, acceleration, braking, and the sound of the car engine when it's off.


In this game, you can test drive the cars in different cases such as off-road driving, drag racing, car racing, etc. It is a vehicle simulation game. It is very interesting and thrilling. You just have to try, then you will get the real experience of driving in this game. The cars available for you are Jeep Wrangler, Mercedes, Ford Ranger, F-350, and many more. Also you can customize your car according to your wish. You can buy it from the market or just collect the parts from the scrapyard. There are many things to explore in this game. The driving experience is very realistic. You will feel as if you are driving a real car.

Graphics graphics are quite realistic, and also this game has realistic physics. This game is a driving simulation, and it is moddable to make it more realistic.

Replayability replayability is great, you can always customize your car a little bit more, or you can take a completely another car and start messing with it. The game also has a great variety of different cars, from trucks to classic offroaders, to supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Controls has a quite complex system of controls because the game tries to look like a real-life driving, so it takes a bit of time to get used to it, but once you're done with it, the game becomes much more fun.

The first thing you need to do is to set the mode, that is, you need to choose whether you want to drive in the first person (the game will automatically assume that you're using a wheel, but you can also use a mouse and keyboard) or in the third-person perspective.

The first-person mode is more realistic, but the third-person mode is more suitable for beginners, because you can see what's going on around your car, which is pretty useful when you're not used to driving a real car, or you need to drive in a rush and you don't have time to look around, just like in real life.

Conclusion is one of the best games that will help you experience real driving. This game is great for people who like car racing or any kind of racing game.


  • Realistic physics
  • Realistic graphics
  • Big choice of cars
  • Ability to build and drive on your own!
  • Only English language available for now.