Geometry Dash

  • Isaac Johnson
The player has to jump from platform to platform, avoid obstacles and also collect points. The game has very good background music and sound effects. Geometry Dash has a very good level of difficulty and it is a very addictive game.


In Geometry Dash, you have to jump from one platform to another, avoiding obstacles and spikes. The game is based on the old game - running from one platform to another. But you have to jump not only in one direction, but in several. On the way there are many spikes, and you have to jump over them, as well as at the same time avoid hitting the walls. 

In this game, you have to collect coins in order to unlock new levels. Each new level has a new, more complex structure. There are also special levels that you have to collect all the coins, as well as jump over all the spikes.
There are over 200 levels in the game, and new levels are added regularly.


Geometry Dash graphics are 2D and simple, but still, they are bright and colorful, which is pleasant for the eyes. There are different kinds of graphic elements: different tiles, different icons, different items, different backgrounds, different particles, different shapes, different characters (dots, dash and other characters), different effects (bombs, explosions, etc.). All these elements are combined and create the unique graphic style of the Geometry Dash game.


Geometry Dash replayability is quite good, it has a lot of levels, skins and other content, many of which are created by other players, so you always have things to do in Geometry Dash.

You can create your own levels, you can play levels that are created by other players, you can also play the levels from the official game. There are also achievements that you can try to unlock. There are also plenty of different game modes to explore. You can also play with your friends in Cooperative and Multiplayer modes.


In geometry dash, the controls are easy. You can control the game using only one hand. Even the young children or someone who has not played video games before can play the game easily. The game is simple and easy to understand. The game can be played on a computer, laptop or tablet. The controls are as follows:

Keyboard controls

  • Use the arrow keys to move and press space bar to jump.
  • Keyboard controls can be changed in the settings.

Touch controls

  • Tap on the left side of the screen to move left and tap on the right side to move right.


Geometry Dash is a popular and fun game, it has a lot of levels and achievements, that make it more replayable. It has a nice graphic style and the controls are simple. The game is worth checking out.

  • Simple and easy to play
  • Can run on any devices, including old devices
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Free.
  • Has ads.