Grand Theft Auto V

  • Isaac Johnson
Los Santos, the game's version of Los Angeles, is a vast, beautiful, yet ironically despised city by its inhabitants. The environment's breathtaking sunsets, color-balance-altering sunglasses, and carefully chosen soundtrack all contribute to the immersive experience, demonstrating the immense dedication and effort put into this game.

Gameplay: A Dystopian Southern California

The gameplay offers a fascinating mix of characters and missions. We have Michael, the middle-aged former bank robber, Franklin, the young hood on a slippery slope, and Trevor, the desert-dwelling, meth-dealing psychopath. Their relationships are explored through a series of heists and misadventures with every imaginable LA stereotype. However, the narrative can be quite difficult to empathize with at times, given its derivative and brutishly adolescent nature. 

Graphics: A Cinematic Marvel

The graphics in GTA 5 are a sight to behold. From the stunning sunsets to the animated trash bags in the back alleys, the attention to detail is amazing. The first-person mode adds an extra layer of depth, making the game feel like an open-world movie. However, it can also be challenging to play and may cause discomfort for players prone to motion sickness.

Features: Extraordinary Attention to Detail

The game is packed with a plethora of additional features such as golf, tennis, races, and even a stock market. The included cinematography tool, unique to the PC version, allows players to cut and remix their experiences into short films, revealing Rockstar's extraordinary attention to detail. 

Multiplayer: A Sandbox for Deathmatch and Racing

The multiplayer options in GTA 5 are equally impressive with deathmatch, racing, and inventive co-op with MMO-lite progression features. However, it's worth noting that playing co-op with strangers can be less enjoyable and the multiplayer mode does have some bugs and connection issues.

A Truly Immersive Experience

Despite its obvious flaws, GTA 5 stands as a testament to what video game developers can achieve. Its wonderful graphics, immersive gameplay, and the sheer variety of features make it one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences available today. However, the narrative could be more empathetic and the multiplayer mode needs some improvements.

  • Immersive gameplay with a variety of characters and missions
  • A plethora of additional features
  • Exciting multiplayer options
  • The narrative can be hard to empathize with
  • The first-person mode can cause motion sickness
  • Multiplayer mode has bugs and connection issues