Hello Neighbor

  • Rebecca Hickey
You are not alone, your neighbor is a psychopath who will chase you to the ends of the earth if he sees you.


In this game, you are in the role of a boy named Nicky, who tries to discover the secrets of his neighbor who keeps a secret in his basement.

The game is a 2D platformer with a 3D environment. The player needs to use a variety of tools and actions to avoid being caught by the neighbor. The player can hide behind objects and make noise to distract the neighbor, use objects to navigate, and pick up items to use as weapons. The game also features a timed sequence where the player needs to find five items in five minutes.


Graphics in this game are quite cartoonish, but object models are often weirdly shaped, which gives quite weird feeling about the house of the neighbor, and it greatly enhances the atmosphere of the game.

There are many objects in the game, which have a very smooth look. Every object is well detailed, and all of these details are of high resolution. All of the objects are placed with great care, and there is no object that would look like a misplaced.


Hello Neighbor replayability is a major selling point of the game. After players have played through the game once, there is a built-in system that lets them play through the game again with different challenges and gameplay. This is a key part of the replayability of the game. Each time they play through the game, they will encounter different challenges.


Hello Neighbor controls are the same across all console and PC devices.

The controls and how to play Hello neighbor are as follows:

  • Move - Arrow keys
  • Sneak - Left Shift
  • Interact - E


Hello Neighbor is a game with an excellent storyline, great graphics, smooth animations, and good gameplay. It is a game with a good challenge for the players.

Hello Neighbor is an indie horror game in which players control a boy named Nicky who explores his neighbor’s home and tries to uncover the secrets hidden in his basement. The game uses stealth mechanics and puzzle-solving with an advanced AI system to create a unique gameplay experience.

  • The game has a great storyline where you are a kid who is trying to find out what is your neighbour holding, while you have to sneak into his house. It is really fun to find out what is going on in the neighborhood
  • A lot of hiding places, you can use sofas, carpets, beds and more stuff to hide yourself in
  • The game has a lot of things to interact with, with different characteristics.
  • It is really hard to win the game. You have to be lucky sometimes to win
  • At night, it is really hard to see the enemy.