Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

  • Beatrice Taylor
There are six people who can take part in Secret Neighbor.


Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer game you can enter with up to 5 more friends. The plot is linear and catches where the Hello Neighbor Act 1 is left. According to it your friend Nicky got himself trapped in the basement of highly creepy neighbor Mr. Peterson. He tried to investigate suspicious screams from the house, sneaked into it, and now he is caught. Although you are deeply concerned about Nicky, it looks like adults don’t believe you. This is why you gather a team of the most trustable friends and organize a rescue mission.

But not all goes as it was planned and one of your friends randomly picks to play Neighbor in disguise. You see the boy/girl in front of you while it is Neighbor planning to kill you or scare you to death. Besides, you have a limited amount of time you can spend in the house. While it definitely looks unfair, you are the only one who can save Nicky. You need to find the keys from the basement and help him until the Neighbor catches you.


Graphics are unique, colorful, and gorgeous. You will definitely want to live in this weird house. It looks adorable until you are chased by the maniac. You can change clothes in the game. There is a wide range of skins and you can customize your character as well. Probably your favorite part will be the changing decorations in the game based on the seasonal holidays. Even Neighbor may look like Santa, and you can try different costumes.

Replay Value

Although some scenes may be familiar after several times in the game, you still can find new things to do there. The game ends when you either free Nicky or get killed by Neighbor. If you play Neighbor, you have to kill or scare away your friends. To do this, you can try numerous approaches. You never know who plays who in the new session. If you are tired of one group of people, you can invite new friends to join you.


Secret Neighbor is not hard to play. It has intuitive controls. There is nothing messy on the screen, and you perfectly see the picture. However, the game still has some freezing moments that appear from time to time. And once you were standing alone, the next time the Neighbor catches you. Always look back and watch the mirrors. If you freeze, the game may throw you out.


Secret Neighbor is a perfect game for everyone who wants exciting adventures with a drop of fear. It does not scare you as much as many similar horror games do. Instead, it offers you a chance to feel yourself the biggest evil in the game and understand his point of view. It is a perfect game for 6 people who want to spend time together solving mysteries, searching for the enemy, and helping to free the boy from the basement.

  • A well-developed story that combines several games
  • Multiplayer gameplay
  • Original and unique graphics
  • You can show detective skills
  • High replay value.
  • This horror is not that scary
  • Minor freezes.