FIFA Soccer

  • Rebecca Hickey
This game is part of the popular FIFA series which has been around since the 1970s. It has always been a great series and the game has progressed a lot since its inception. In the most recent version of the game, you can play against any team in the world. This is a great feature as you can play against the team you support or against a team that you really don't like. You can also play against your friends. The game comes with the option of playing as the manager of a team, the manager can change the style of play and pick the team.


In this game, you can play all the matches of your favorite team, you can also play the matches of the team of your country. You can also fight against the team of any country. You can also play in league matches. It will help you to become a great football player. This game has very good graphics. You can also control the game. You can play with your friends. You can also play this game on your android mobile. This game also includes the match of the clubs.


FIFA Soccer graphics are quite realistic and outstanding. It is so realistic that it makes you feel the grass and the ball, you can feel the ball's texture. You can feel the impact of the ball on the body of the player. It is so realistic that you can almost smell the grass. Players' movements and shots are so realistic that it gives you a realistic feeling of watching a real soccer game.


FIFA Soccer replayability is quite good, you can play not only with ready teams, but you can also make your own team, from your country or favorite club. It's really great. The first time you'll play FIFA Soccer, you'll be surprised how good it is.


FIFA Soccer controls are quite simple, so you won't get confused while playing the game, no matter it's on your iOS device or on a computer. You can control the game by using the touchscreen or by using the device's buttons.


FIFA Soccer is a great soccer game. It has awesome graphics and controls. You can play it on any device. This game is perfectly suitable for all ages.


  • Multiplayer
  • Great graphics
  • Free to play
  • Different game modes.
  • The game is not free
  • The game has a limit to the number of games, which you can play every day.