Gas Manager

  • Beatrice Taylor


Gas Manager can be used to compare gas price at different gas stations. It shows a list of gas stations by distance and their price.
I like the simplicity of Gas Manager. It is easy to use and displays useful information. However, I wish it had the option to display the average gas price for the month and the price for the last 7 days.


Gas Manager is a pretty simple app to use. It consists of two screens. The first screen shows month-to-month gas consumption and the second shows the gas price at the nearest gas station. You can set the distance (in miles) for which the Gas Manager should find gas stations.


Gas Manager usability is quite good. Gas Manager app has a pleasant and clear interface. You can easily see all your cards, you can see all operations on the card, you can move to the main screen from any detail screen of the card. Gas Manager app has convenient navigation and it is easy to use. Operations on the main screen are simple and clear.


Gas Manager is a convenient app that can help you save money of petrol. The application is really easy to use and it doesn't have any unnecessary features that can distract from the main purpose.

  • Ease of use: The apps are easy to use. If you know how to drive, you can drive a car. Autofill: The apps are able to auto-fill the details and save your time. One click to pay: You can just click the "pay" button and be done with it. Gas Manager apps are great for tracking gas expenses.
  • Gas Manager app may not be accepted in all gas stations.