Gang Beasts

  • Beatrice Taylor
You play as one of several characters out of a roster of 10, and you battle against each other in various arenas. You can play in a free-for-all mode, or one of several team-based modes. It's a high-energy game, with a lot of fun gameplay features.


In this game, you will join the gang of four characters, and fight with the other gangs in the city. You can kill the other gangs by punching, kicking, and throwing them around.

The main reason why this game is very popular among the players is that it is a multiplayer game. You and your friends can join your Gang Beasts and play it. You can fight against the other players in this game.

Another reason why this game is so famous is that it is very interesting. The characters are amusing, and the gameplay is very attractive. You can find the description of the game and its gameplay on this site. It is also possible to download it.


Gang Beasts graphics are 3D and cartoonish, they don't have very much detail, but the game looks colorful and content. Graphics fit the game perfectly.


Gang Beasts replayability is good, it's a session-like game and you can always play another round. Also, it's pretty chaotic so you can't really predict what's going to happen. The biggest reason for Gang Beasts replayability is that the game is full of emergent gameplay. Emergent gameplay is a video game term that describes the way that players interact with a video game in ways not intended by the developers.


Gang Beasts controls are simple. You control a character with a keyboard and a mouse. Your movement in the game is controlled by keyboard. You can use WASD keys to control your character. You can move your character in 4 directions. You can jump by pressing "W" key. You can punch and kick your opponent by using the left and right "A" keys on your keyboard. You can also grab your opponent by pressing "S" key.

When you grab your opponent, you can throw him by moving your mouse in a direction. You can also throw your opponent by pressing "A" key. You can let go of your opponent by releasing the "S" key.


Gang Beasts is a very interesting game. I can say that if you want to play a session-like game with your friends, you should choose this game. The game is very funny. It appeals to everyone. It is a good multiplayer game.


  • Multiplayer
  • Easy controls
  • Customization
  • Regular updates.
  • No single-player mode (as for now)
  • Slow matchmaking
  • No graphics settings.