Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

  • Rebecca Hickey
You will find it on your platform’s official store.


Choose one of the jellybean characters you want to play. They don’t have the backstory behind them, so you don’t have to keep in mind details you don’t actually need. There is a wide range of characters and the costumes are added monthly. Developers did not forget the most popular games, movies, and shows. You can play Godzilla, Astronaut from Among Us, or Doomguy from Doom if you want. Keep in mind that the coolest features in their own games do not come in the package. If you play Sonic the Hedgehog, you will not be the fastest of all. Every player receives equal chances for victory.

Your main goal is to get to the final level and survive. There are numerous mini-games randomly selected and added to the challenges you have to overcome. Some games are highly competitive and provoke you to push other characters. Others require collaboration between players. The winner is the one who stands at the end. If you are not as fast as others, you will be thrown out of the game. If you want to improve your look or make it unique, use the Kudos, in-game currency, to do this.


The graphics totally match the whole concept of the game. It is so natural that you can’t imagine yourself in another role except for jelly beans there. Yet, there are also characters that look like tiny marshmallows, chocolate bars, and even burgers. If you think of it, the whole graphics may lure you because it looks like delicious but unhealthy food. Don’t worry, you will quickly burn all these calories running, jumping, climbing, and pushing everything around like crazy. You don’t have much time to pay attention to the decorations around you, but they are bright, simple, and sunny.

Replay Value

Since this is a battle royale, you can play even on your phone, Fall Guys will steal all your time. The players are constantly changing, as well as mini-games. They are changing randomly, so it is hard to predict which challenge will be next even if you have played dozens of times. It heats up the interest even more. Once you master your skills in one mini-game, you have to start learning something new in the next game.


While everything around you in Fall Guys looks cartoonish and fun, the game has a medium level of complexity. If you are completely new to battle royales or any games at all, you have to practice inside the game. Don’t worry if you will lose quickly in a first mission. You have to train your quick reactions and be able to act as fast as you can. The slowest players are always out.


The game was created as a family-friendly battle royale with funny characters. If you like the high competitive level in the game, Fall Guys is for you. You have to win, leaving behind 59 rivals. The game is a set of randomly chosen mini-games that make any party with friends interesting.

  • Funny mini-games
  • Up to 60 players around the world
  • Compatible with all platforms
  • Costumes from favorite games
  • High lasting appeal.
  • It is not free
  • It requires total concentration.