• Beatrice Taylor

EA SPORTS™ UFC® allows you to create a fighter and take him into the Octagon to fight it out with other fighters. There is also a career mode in which you can train your fighter to become the next UFC champion. It is a very good game that I really enjoy playing, but it does have its drawbacks.


In this game, you can fight with different people from all over the world, you can choose the strongest fighter, the biggest fighter, the lightest fighter, etc. After choosing your fighter, you can choose your opponent. Choose your opponent wisely, because if you choose your opponent wrong, you can lose. After choosing your opponent, the game will start. You will be standing in the center of the ring, and your opponent will be standing in the corner of the ring. A countdown will begin, and when the countdown is done, the fight will start.


EA SPORTS™ UFC® graphics are quite good and realistic and have a lot of detail. I think the game is a step forward in the genre and that it will be very popular.


What I would like to see is the same thing I always say about everything else. I'd like to see more customization options. There's not enough to make the fighters I create unique enough from the fighter I'm fighting.


The controls are similar to the EA SPORTS™ UFC® Undisputed series, but with a different approach. You can move your fighter around the octagon with a directional stick and perform basic moves.

The X button is used for light punches, and Y is used for medium punches. You can also throw heavy punches with the X and Y buttons. The A button is used for blocking, and the B button is used for kick. If you hold down the right trigger while in your stance, you can switch to your other stances. The left trigger is used for your health meter.

The gameplay of EA SPORTS™ UFC® is rather simple. The player can punch their opponent with the X and Y buttons.


The game is enjoyable and interesting. I enjoyed playing the game, and I can see how many people would like this game. It has a lot of nice features, and it is a good, new addition to the EA SPORTS™ UFC® series.

I recommend this game to everyone who like boxing or MMA. It is a great game, and it is very enjoyable. If you like the EA SPORTS™ UFC® Undisputed series, you will surely like this game. If you haven't played any of the EA SPORTS™ UFC® games, this is the best game to start with.

  • The game looks great on my phone's screen and it runs very smoothly. It's a very realistic game. The controls are simple to learn and you can easily do most of the moves with a single finger.
  • It does have an energy system, and when your energy runs out, you have to wait a few minutes before you can play again.