Amazing Frog?

  • Beatrice Taylor

The story of the game revolves around a frog who is the only one that can save the world from the evil Professor Badaboom. To do so, you must first clean up the town of Swindon and then travel to the Moon, where you must defeat Badaboom and his minions.
To help you do this, you can use various items that are unlocked as you progress through the game. These include a grappling hook, jet-ski, cat, and more. You can also collect trophies and cats.


This game is mostly a sandbox, so you can do pretty much anything in this game, and most of the things you can do are really fun and entertaining to do, for example, you can go and explore the city of Swindon, you can keep on playing mission, and you can explore the sewers. It's not just exploring the city or the sewers that are fun, but the missions are quite entertaining too, they give you a purpose in the game and you have to complete certain objectives and missions in order to unlock more stuff in this game, such as new outfits, new places, new vehicles, and more.


Amazing Frog? graphics are 3D but not very detailed, still, this gives the game that lighthearted and fun atmosphere. The game graphics is made in a way that makes it easy for a player to follow the story. The game characters are made in a way that the player can identify himself with them. As for the rest, Amazing Frog? graphics are simple but not too simple, they are detailed enough so the player can have fun playing it. As for the game design, Amazing Frog? graphics are simple and not too complicated so it can be used by different ages.


As the game is a sandbox and it has an open world, you can always replay it or start the game from where you stopped. You have great freedom of action in this game and this is what gives it its high replayability.


Amazing Frog? controls are simple to use. You will only use your finger to play the game. Touch the screen to use the power button. For the first time you will see the tutorials on how to play the game. The left button will help you to jump to higher areas. The central button will help you to jump over obstacles and jump from one level to another. The right button will help you to move to different levels. If you are in the moon phase you will have to use the jetpack to fly over the obstacles.


Amazing Frog? is a game that gives you great fun and entertainment. It has great gameplay, great graphics, and simple controls. It has 4.5/5 stars in Google Play. It is a great game for gamers who like sandbox games. It is a game you should not miss.


  • Open world
  • Freedom of action
  • Fun
  • Good physics.
  • Some users complain about the controls
  • Not enough user content.