Partners in Rhyme-Rhyming Game

  • Beatrice Taylor
In each round, you must match a word from the category. Then, you get to collect a card with a character on it. The kids really like the animal cards.


In this game, you have to compose a rhyming poem from six given words. The user interface is really simple, you have a poem in the right of your screen. You just need to drag and drop the given words into the poem. You will only get a limited time to compose the poem, so you have to work fast. The game has a lot of levels, and you can earn up to three stars per level. The game has a lot of levels, and you can earn up to three stars per level.


Partners in Rhyme-Rhyming Game graphics are basic and simple, since it's a card game for kids. It has few colors (green, blue, gray and yellow), but the app is very nice and contains a lot of interesting stuff.


Partners in Rhyme-Rhyming Game replayability is average, this game is attractive mostly for kids, and this is kids for whom it was developed. Game can be played with kids and by kids, I think it's good for this age group.

Partners in Rhyme-Rhyming Game overall replayability is low, it's not so interesting for adults to play.


Partners in Rhyme-Rhyming Game controls are pretty simple, the game is played simply by tapping on the screen. You can play the game on an Android phone or tablet.


Partners in Rhyme-Rhyming Game overall is a nice game for kids. It's very simple and easy to play, and the graphics are pretty nice for kids. It has a lot of levels, and 3 stars for each level. So you can't complain about replayability. You can try it out.

  • Easy to play
  • Educative
  • Interesting
  • Fun.
  • Can be played only with two players.