Among Us

  • Rebecca Hickey
Conversely, crewmates strive to uncover and eject the impostors or finish their set of tasks. Gameplay unfolds live with no fixed duration, allowing for potentially lengthy sessions, though typically, matches conclude within a 5-10 minute range.


Crewmates represent the protagonists with their primary objective being to purge the ship of Impostors and to fulfill various tasks scattered throughout the map. Conversely, Impostors are the antagonists, scheming to sabotage the Crewmates' efforts and to discreetly dispatch them. The game initiates with an instructive session where Crewmates are briefed on their assignments. Players are under a time constraint for task completion. Inability to finalize tasks in the allotted time results in defeat.

Impostors conspire to disrupt the Crewmates and seek to terminate them in order to achieve victory. Their success is sealed once all Crewmates have been eliminated. On the other hand, Crewmates claim victory either by ejecting all of the Impostors or by successfully completing all assigned tasks.


Although the graphics in Among Us are simplistic and 2D, the game's greatness doesn't rely on them. Instead, it flourishes due to its engaging social and deductive elements. Nevertheless, the graphics offer a smooth and visually pleasing experience.

Replay value

Replayability of Among Us is outstanding due to the unique social and deductive aspects present in each round. The game/application is designed to be simple yet captivating, making it highly immersive. Additionally, the inclusion of players with different strategies enhances the overall replayability. It's ultimately up to you to outsmart and overcome these strategies, making the game even more enticing to play repeatedly.

Game Control

The controls are simple, consisting of WASD and mouse movements. The simplicity of Among Us is one of the factors that make it remarkable. The controls are easily comprehensible within minutes of playing, as there are no intricate elements to confuse anyone.

Bottom Line

Among Us is the epitome of an incredible game that seamlessly combines user-friendliness and sheer enjoyment, making it the ultimate choice for those seeking an unparalleled gaming experience. This well-crafted game caters to all, regardless of their gaming experience. Among Us provides a seamless gameplay experience, regardless of whether you are a dedicated gamer or just starting out. The app/game is particularly splendid for those who wish to engage in a gaming experience with friends. Not only does it provide immense fun, but it also offers the added bonus of being free and conveniently downloadable. Without a doubt, you will relish the experience it has to offer.

The game received different reviews, with some critics praising its gameplay, and others criticizing Among Us technical issues, which the developers have promised to fix in the future.

The game currently has a Metacritic score of 6.7 and a GameRankings score of 60.07%

  • Easy to understand. Gameplay is easy to understand and follow
  • Fun to play. It is a great game for people to spend time with friends
  • Interesting concept. The game is interesting to play, especially when you are doing it online
  • Great for social gatherings. This is a great game to play with friends and family.
  • Some people might get upset. It can get a little bit intense if you are not good at lying
  • Online only. You must have an internet connection to play the game.