Unlocking the Secrets of Dogtown: Your Cyberpunk 2077 Exploration Adventure Begins

  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Feb 21, 2024
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Unlocking the Secrets of Dogtown: Your Cyberpunk 2077 Exploration Adventure Begins

Step into the gritty extension of Night City's iconic landscape with Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty DLC, where the alluring yet dangerous region of Dogtown awaits your arrival. With enigmatic corners to navigate and challenging quests that test your mettle, this guide is your blueprint to conquering the new frontier that the DLC has unveiled. Read on to traverse the maze of streets and engage in the pulse-pounding action exclusive to Dogtown.

Step One: Preparing for the Journey into Dogtown

Preparing for the Journey into Dogtown

Before embarking on your quest, there's an essential pre-requisite—you must be in possession of the Phantom Liberty DLC. Comparative to holding the golden ticket, this add-on is your key to accessing Dogtown. No adventurer shall pass without it!

A - DLC Purchase

Confirm that you've acquired the DLC. It should reflect within your game library as part of your Cyberpunk 2077 collection. If you're unsure, take a moment to double-check the official storefront or your preferred gaming platform.

B - Positioning Your Save Point

Now, you must advance in the game up until the “Transmission” mission is completed. If your journey has progressed beyond this point, fear not; Dogtown does not discriminate against time travelers—you can jump back via a suitable save point.

Step Two: The Call of the Songbird

With the completion of the aforementioned gig, wait for the signal to beckon you further. An enigmatic figure known as So Mi, or Songbird, will extend an invitation to meet at the threshold of Dogtown. This marks the beginning of a landmark chapter, “Dog Eat Dog.”

The Call of the Songbird

A - Responding to the Call

Once the phone call from Songbird rings through, your course is clear. Accept her invitation and gear up to meet destiny face-to-face.

B - Navigating to the Meeting Point

Set your destination south towards Pacifica, navigating the urban jungle until the elusive gates of Dogtown Tower before you.

Step Three: Entering Dogtown's Embrace

Upon your awaited arrival, an astute observation is required to locate Songbird, who waits patiently to the right of the entrance. Engage with her to gain access to the secret pathways that infiltrate Dogtown's heart.

A - Stealth or Stride through the Opposition

Songbird is an adept guide, facilitating your journey through a courtyard laced with potential confrontations. Choose to slip past the unsavory characters unnoticed or decisively navigate the environment to clear the path. Exercise caution and cunning to reach the objective.

B - Gate to the Rooftops

Entering Dogtown's Embrace

Your intermediate destination is the garage gate located on the courtyard's opposite side. Ascend to the rooftops to witness a critical event—a president's plane descending in chaos onto the streets, foreshadowing the treacherous political drama you are about to be woven into.

Step Four: Immersed in the Phantom Liberty

The climactic cutscene concludes with the grand title screen of the Phantom Liberty, cementing your initiation into Dogtown. This is where the real intrigue begins.

A - Mission Integration

Be warned, Dogtown doesn't offer open borders immediately. Immerse yourself in the narrative, taking on missions like rescuing high-profile figures and seeking out the elusive Solomon Reed. With success comes freedom—complete your tasks to unlock the privilege of unhindered passage.

B - Managing Your Reputation

Reputation is currency in the underbelly of Night City. Your actions in Dogtown can draw unwanted attention. Beware of your standing with the law. Hot pursuits will have you locked within the district, so maintain a level of discretion and legality whenever possible.

Step Five: Exploring the Dogtown Tapestry

Exploring the Dogtown Tapestry

Once you've embedded yourself within Dogtown's unique ecosystem, the district is ripe for exploration. It may not have the neon-drenched glamor of downtown Night City, yet it harbors ample opportunities. From clandestine side gigs to scattered Militech facilities harboring valuable loot, your inquisitive spirit will find Dogtown both treacherous and rewarding.

With this guide, you bear the wisdom to unlock and traverse the hidden province of Dogtown within Cyberpunk 2077’s vibrant world. Let the shadows of the towering buildings be your companion as you navigate the challenges and allure that await within. Trust in your instincts, immerse yourself in the lore, and the streets of Dogtown will resonate with tales of your exploits for ages to come.

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