A Gamer's Guide to GTA 5: How to Get the Most Out of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Masterpiece!

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Apr 05, 2023
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A Gamer's Guide to GTA 5: How to Get the Most Out of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto Masterpiece!

GTA 5 is one of the most popular games in gaming history, and it only gets bigger with every passing year. But if you're a newcomer to the game or just feeling overwhelmed by its sheer size, this guide will help you make your way through Los Santos, unlock all its secrets, and become a true master at playing GTA 5. Here are our top tips for getting 100% completion and becoming an expert at stealing cars and completing missions!

Get your bearings in Los Santos

Before starting your journey as a pro player, it’s important that you understand all the basics of Grand Theft Auto V. Read through our quick and easy guide on how to control characters and vehicles and learn about all the different activities available in GTA 5. You should also familiarize yourself with the map of Los Santos and know where exactly everything is located, like stores, garages, or police stations. This will make navigating around much easier!

Choose Your Character Wisely

GTA 5 allows players the option of choosing from three main protagonists: Michael De Santa, Franklin Clinton, and Trevor Philips. Each character has its own unique traits and attributes, which should be taken into consideration before deciding who will help lead your team through the story mode. Do some research beforehand so that the right decisions are made early on in order to get ahead later on in the game.

Choose Your Character

Complete Missions for Money & XP – Where It All Begin

Once you have learned all the basics of GTA V, it's time to start earning some cash by completing missions such as robberies or street races. Doing this will earn not only your money but also experience points (XP), which will help level up your character quickly so that they can unlock new abilities later on, like driving faster or shooting more accurately, etc. Completing missions is definitely one way to make quick progress when playing GTA 5!

Collectibles & Secrets – Discovering Hidden Treasures

One great thing about Grand Theft Auto V is that it has tons of hidden collectibles scattered around its vast open-world environment, including rare cars, weapons, and other valuable items waiting for players who take their time exploring every corner of Los Santos carefully enough to find them all! Keep an eye out for any secret locations while roaming around town, and don't forget about those hard-to-reach places – who knows what kind of treasures could be hiding there?

Mini Games – Fun Time Anywhere Anytime

What better way than mini-games when taking a break from all those criminal activities? Whether it's golfing at Vinewood Hills Golf Club or playing darts at La Fuente Blanca Bar, these mini-games are sure fun no matter where you're at in San Andreas – they'll keep boredom away while providing some extra rewards, too, if done right! So don't forget to give them a try whenever possible during your adventures across town.

Mini Games GTA 5

Cheat Your Way Through with Invincibility

Become unstoppable by taking advantage of invincibility. This cheat code allows players to be invincible for five minutes at a time. All you need to do is enter “PAINKILLER” into your phone's dial pad during gameplay and watch as all damage inflicted on your character disappears!

Find Peyote Plant Locations To Get Extra Lives

If you're looking for extra lives while playing GTA 5, then look no further than peyote plants! These hallucinogenic cactus plants are scattered throughout Los Santos – all you have to do is find them in order to gain extra lives when needed. Keep an eye out for them when exploring the city streets – they won't be hard to spot once you know what they look like!

Search Stunt Jump Locations For High Scores

Reaching those high scores doesn't have anything on finding stunt jump locations around Los Santos – if you can find them all before anyone else does, then getting those top scores will come easily enough afterward! Start off by checking major highways first and work your way through smaller roads until each location has been discovered – soon enough, these amazing stunts will become second nature!

GTA 5 Optimal Jump Locations

Locate Under The Bridge Locations For Special Rewards

If discovering stunt jumps wasn't enough of a challenge already, consider searching under bridges around Los Santos, too – because here lie some truly special rewards that can only be unlocked after completing certain tasks underneath each bridge structure. So get out there and start exploring – who knows what kind of secrets could lie beneath?

Make Money on the Stock Market by Completing Assassinations

The stock market in GTA 5 can be a great way to make money, but it requires some skill. To maximize your profits, try completing assassination missions. These missions task you with eliminating specific targets associated with major in-game corporations, which can greatly influence their stock values upon their demise, turning them into lucrative opportunities for astute players.

Complete the Wildlife Photography Challenge

One of the most rewarding side activities in GTA 5 is taking part in Lester’s Wildlife Photography Challenge. By capturing photos of various animals scattered around San Andreas, you can unlock some unique rewards like exclusive vehicles and even rare outfits such as the Monkey Outfit set or the Go Go Monkey Blista car!

Find Nuclear Waste Locations & Unlock Special Rewards

Suppose you're looking for something special, then head over to San Andreas' nuclear waste sites, where hidden packages have been buried deep underground near each site containing exclusive weapons and items not found anywhere else in-game such as mini-nukes or even atomic blimps! Plus, there are also special rewards related to these locations, like unlocking special sections within Michael's mansion or being able to shoot down UFOs from Fort Zancudo's military base with heat-seeking missiles!

Nuclear Waste Locations

Complete Epsilon Program Missions & Locate Tracts

As part of one particularly bizarre side mission, players must complete multiple objectives given out by members of an alien cult known as Epsilon Program before finding five secret tracts located throughout San Andreas that contain clues about their beliefs (and may even lead players closer towards understanding what lies beyond death). Doing so will reward players with access to restricted areas across Los Santos, plus a chance at unlocking some truly bizarre clothing options like dresses made from human skin or fancy tuxedos covered in gold foil stars. Talk about creepy fashion statements!

Join Races & Unlock Unique Cars

Joining races while driving around San Andreas gives players access to exclusive areas plus unlocks powerful new cars, such as the Cheval Marshall monster truck, when they win certain races or complete other objectives related directly to back racing itself (such as drifting challenges). There are many different types of races available, including off-road dune buggy events, so be sure to explore them all if you want to get your hands on the best vehicles available within the game world itself. Just watch out for those pesky police officers who will always try to stop your progress no matter how fast you drive away from the scene of crime afterward!

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