Revealing the Stellar Line-up of 2023-2024 PC Games

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Oct 05, 2023
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Revealing the Stellar Line-up of 2023-2024 PC Games

When it comes to PC gaming, 2023 has already been a year of exciting releases. It spans genres ranging from upcoming Star Wars games to new titles that could potentially make our list of the best PC games. Here is a selection of PC games you must see. 

Assassin's Creed Mirage: Rediscovering the Stealth-Action Origins

  • Developer: Ubisoft

Ubisoft plans to return to the inception of the Assassin's Creed universe with Mirage. Earlier editions of the game expanded into action RPG, but in 2023, Mirage will re-explore its stealth-action origins. Set in the backdrop of Baghdad, Mirage will include new stealth, parkour, and combat features that emphasize the hidden blade, rooftop running, and hay bale diving. This rendition is rumored to offer a smaller, more intimate gaming experience.

Forza Motorsport: Racing Innovation

  • Developer: Turn 10 Studios

Turn 10 Studios is set to roll out the next-gen racing simulation game, Forza Motorsport, in early 2023. Available simultaneously on PC and Xbox Series X, the game promises an impressive visual experience coupled with advanced car damage, dynamic weather, and revamped physics systems. This racing simulator is expected to be the most sophisticated game of its kind.

 Racing Innovation Forza Motorsport

Cities: Skylines 2: The Ultimate Realistic City Builder

  • Developer: Colossal Order Ltd

The impressive city builder returns with Cities: Skylines 2, the sequel to the original hit, initially released in 2015. Cities: Skylines 2 aspires to be the "most realistic city builder ever" by providing a platform for designing your city "without restrictions". You can customize and manage your city, and your decisions will directly determine its evolution and development.

Alan Wake 2: Diving Back into the Dark Place

  • Developer: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2, inspired by Twin Peaks, guarantees heart-pounding action and horror scenes. The sequel will explore the genre of survival horror, increasingly piquing our interest with limited information about the game's surprises.

The Day Before: Spectacular Visuals meets MMO Structure

  • Developer: Fntastic

The Day Before, one of the most highly anticipated games on Steam for 2023, combines stunning Unreal Engine 5 visuals with an open-world MMO structure. Although there is a degree of skepticism regarding the lack of gameplay showcases thus far, we await its release eagerly to see if the game can deliver on its grand promise.

Spectacular Visuals meets MMO Structure The Day Before

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: Redefining Adventure Gaming

  • Developer: Massive Entertainment

Coinciding with the upcoming release of the new Avatar movie, the long-awaited Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game was unfortunately postponed to 2023. We eagerly anticipate gameplay reveals for this open-world first-person action RPG from the creators of The Division.

Ark 2: Dinosaur Survival at Its Peak

  • Developer: Studio Wildcard

Studio Wildcard is enhancing the success of Ark: Survival Evolved with Ark 2. The sequel will feature a larger play space, more advanced world events and dinosaur AI, and revamped progression and survival systems. Ark 2 promises to be one of the most visually arresting games of 2023.

Counter-Strike 2: A Refresh for Counter-Strike

  • Developer: Valve

Valve is replacing the aging Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Counter-Strike 2, a free-to-play FPS. This version is expected to introduce significant graphical and tech improvements without sacrificing the tactical and fast-paced gameplay that characterizes Counter-Strike.

A Refresh for Counter-Strike Counter-Strike 2

Flintlock: Siege of Dawn: Venturing into Fantasy

  • Developer: A44 Games

From A44 Games comes an all-new RPG, Flintlock: Siege of Dawn. This game offers rhythmic combat features in an expansive fantasy world where magical weapons and abilities help combat formidable creatures.

Ghostrunner 2: A Year after Dharma

  • Developer: 505 Games

Set just a year after the first game, Ghostrunner 2 introduces you to a world outside of Dharma Tower. As threats mount, it's up to you to protect emerging harmony, with 505 Games promising some of the "toughest opponents you've ever encountered".

Hollow Knight: Silksong: A Sequel Emerges

  • Developer: Team Cherry

Originally developed as DLC for Hollow Knight, the project evolved into Hollow Knight: Silksong. This full sequel will feature new combat mechanics, characters, and worlds.

Silksong A Sequel Emerges Hollow Knight

Haunted Chocolatier: From Stardew Valley's Creator

  • Developer: ConcernedApe

From Eric 'ConcernedApe' Barone, creator of Stardew Valley, comes Haunted Chocolatier. In this forthcoming RPG, you play as a chocolatier living in a fantasy castle.

Hades 2: Beyond the Underworld

  • Developer: Supergiant Games

After the huge success of the roguelike Hades, Supergiant Games is developing its first sequel, Hades 2. Expected to release in 2023, the game will introduce a new playable character—Melinoë, princess of the Underworld—and expanded combat dynamics.

Helldivers 2: Defending Super-Earth

  • Developer: Arrowhead Games

Helldivers 2, a sequel to the 2015 twin-stick shooter, aims to deliver a gameplay experience that is "bigger, better, and more hellish". You'll play as galactic peacekeepers on Super Earth, fighting against alien invaders.

Defending Super-Earth Helldivers 2

Homeworld 3: Paying Tribute to its RTS Legacy

  • Developer: Blackbird Interactive

For the fans of the acclaimed real-time strategy game, Homeworld, 2023 brings back developer Blackbird Interactive with Homeworld 3—a sequel landing ten years post Homefront 2 by Relic. The game promises a grand narrative, a rogue-like co-op mode, and a host of innovative combat systems based on a 3D ballistics system. If the demo is any proof, Homeworld 3 might just be one of 2023's leading RTS games.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl: An Awaited Rendition

  • Developer: GSC Game World

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl should have reached us by now, but geopolitical tensions stalled its release. Regardless, the prolonged wait seems justified, given the game's splendid rendering of the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. With breathtaking visual effects, intricately designed combats, and eerily captivating mutants and anomalies, Stalker 2 is emerging as 2023's most anticipated FPS game.

Skull and Bones: New Adventures on the Horizon

  • Developer: Ubisoft

After undergoing developmental hurdles, Skull and Bones is finally ready to set out to sea on March 9, 2023. Unleashing your inner pirate, you will captain a crew to search for treasures and engage in combat with fellow pirate crews. Intriguing customization options coupled with an exciting blend of PvE/PvP action make it one to watch.

New Adventures on the Horizon Skull and Bones

The Lamplighters League: Strategic Adventures Await

  • Developer: Harebrained Schemes

The Lamplighters League is a thrilling adventure game that offers a unique combination of engaging storytelling and tactical, turn-based combat. Developed by the team behind Battletech and Shadowrun, this title is sure to captivate strategic RPG lovers with its immersion into the 1930s alternate timeline.

The Talos Principle 2: Welcoming a Sequel Surprise

  • Developer: Croteam

The long-awaited sequel to the brilliant puzzle game, The Talos Principle, is finally under development! The Talos Principle 2 promises to expand considerably on its predecessor, bringing more puzzles, secrets, and a profound storyline involving a mysterious megastructure. Fun new gameplay elements include gravity manipulation and mind transference.

Witchbrook: Charm and Magic Await

  • Developer: Chucklefish

2023 might just be the year when we finally see Witchbrook, the delightful life simulation game from developer Chucklefish. In the game, you'll transform into a witch-in-training, navigating your journey to graduation using your wits. With its enchanting pixel art, deep progression systems, and clever iterations based on Chucklefish's collaboration on Stardew Valley, Witchbrook offers a magical experience that is hard to miss.

Charm and Magic Await Witchbrook

Nightingale: Immersed in a Magical Survival Game

  • Developer: Inflexion Games

Nightingale, the brainchild of BioWare's former general manager, Aaryn Flynn, is all set to redefine survival games. Releasing in Early Access in 2023, this game plunges you and your friends into a fantastical world where you become Realwalkers—heroic figures who journey through mystical lands. With the possibilities to build rugged bases, customize avatars, and ally with other entities, Nightingale promises a captivating gaming experience.

Life By You: Recreating Virtual Reality

  • Developer: Paradox Tectonic

Life By You is Paradox Interactive's attempt at creating a The Sims alternative. Its open world of expanses includes virtual homes and families, much like The Sims, but what stands out is its larger, unrestricted game universe, reminiscent of The Sims 3, teeming with expanses like a bustling city and a tranquil beach.


Concord: Delving into Uncharted Realms

  • Developer: Firewalk Studios

Concord is an FPS that’s catching the public eye with a compelling teaser trailer. Its PvP multiplayer format offers an incredibly unique setup. With brilliant artwork and an innovative gaming framework, Concord might just be another game to keep an eye on.

Neva: Bonding in a Dying World

  • Developer: Nomada Studios

Neva is Nomada Studios' tale about a woman who forms a lifelong bond with a giant wolf amidst a collapsing world. The game explores familial relationships as players must care for the young wolf as it grows amidst environmental devastation.

Towers of Aghasba

  • Developer: Dreamlit Inc

Another exciting new game from Dreamlit Inc., Towers of Aghasba, allows players to create their own expansive settlement and ecosystem on a fantasy island. Balance your progressive visions with the ecological needs of the island, or face the wrath of the residing gods.

Towers of Aghasba game

Ultros: Adventure meets Sci-Fi

  • Developer: Hadoque

An intriguing "psychedelic sci-fi sidescroller," Ultros brings together unique gameplay elements and mesmerizing visual effects. The game's protagonist, Soul, an assassin, must uncover the truth behind his predicaments, putting him at the center of a complex, mystifying plot.

Dragon's Dogma 2: Epic Adventures Return

  • Developer: Capcom

After a decade-long wait, Dragon's Dogma 2 returns from Capcom. This sequel brings back the acclaimed pawn system, enabling players to embark on an epic adventure through an exciting fantasy world.

Fairgame$: Heist Gaming Redefined

  • Developer: Haven

Fairgame$ emerges from Jade Raymond's new Haven Studio. This new heist game promises thrilling PvP gameplay with a sandbox twist. Commit daring heists as you break into forbidden locations around the globe with the ultimate goal of discovering and disrupting billionaires' covert operations.

Fairgame$ game

Marathon: FPS Gameplay Extraordinaire

  • Developer: Bungie

Marathon, from the house of Bungie, is an FPS extraction shooter. The visually appealing artwork and Bungie's core shooting dynamics make Marathon a game to look forward to.

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater: A Classic Returns

  • Developer: Konami

Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater is all set to freshen things up with a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. The game aims to preserve the classic storyline while offering enhanced gameplay and stunning visuals.

Phantom Blade 0: Adventure and Intrigue

  • Developer: S-Game

The upcoming Phantom Blade 0 is a hack-n-slash RPG billed as the "spiritual rebirth of the original Rainblood." The game promises an immersive experience infused with Chinese Kung Fu and occult arts.

Phantom Blade 0 game

Revenant Hill: Playful Adventures Await

  • Developer: The Glory Society

From the co-creators of Night in the Woods, Revenant Hill is a completely unique game, bringing a quirky narrative centered around a small cat named Twigs who must overcome various challenges and obstacles.

Sword of the Sea: Journey into Tranquility

  • Developer: Giant Squid

Developed by Giant Squid, creators of Abzu and The Pathless, Sword of the Sea takes players on a zen and vibrant journey filled with exploration through the Necropolis of the Gods.

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