Innovative "Poor Man's Chopper Gunner" Trick Discovered in Modern Warfare 2

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Dec 28, 2022
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Innovative "Poor Man's Chopper Gunner" Trick Discovered in Modern Warfare 2

Players of the popular shooter game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 are always looking for new and innovative ways to gain an advantage over their opponents. Recently, one clever player has discovered a unique way to repurpose the game’s Recon Drone in order to elevate the Sentry Gun into something much more lethal. 

The Recon Drone is a powerful tool that can be used for scouting out areas on the map and gathering intel about where enemies are located. What this player has discovered is that by using the drone to raise up a Sentry Gun, it can become much deadlier than it would be as just a stationary turret. By doing this, they have essentially created what some players are calling “a poor man’s chopper gunner” which can prove invaluable during heated firefights or when trying to defend an objective point on certain maps. 

This trick requires careful planning and timing as you must use your drone well ahead of time in order for it to lift up your sentry gun before enemies arrive at its location. Once raised up by the drone, enemies will have difficulty targeting it due to its height which makes it more difficult for them shoot down or destroy with explosives such as grenades or rockets. Furthermore, this trick also allows you access multiple angles of attack from higher ground which can give you an even greater advantage over your opponents who may not be prepared for such tactics. 

However, while this trick may give players a slight edge over their foes, there are still some drawbacks that need considering before attempting this tactic in-game. Firstly, since both your drone and sentry gun will occupy two killstreak slots simultaneously they cannot be used together with other equipment like UAVs or Airdrops meaning you will have fewer options available if things start going south during battle scenarios. Secondly, it should also go without saying, but if someone manages to take out either piece of hardware then all your hard work setting them up will go down the drain so make sure you keep them safe!  

All in all, though this clever little trick could end up being quite useful if employed correctly within matches giving many players access powerful weapons without having too dedicate too many resources towards achieving them through normal means like completing killstreaks etcetera. So if you’re feeling bold, why not try out experimenting with drones and sentries yourself? Who knows what kind of deadly combos we might come across next!

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