Did You Know That Your iPhone Has a Lot of Precious Metals?

  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Nov 21, 2022
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Did You Know That Your iPhone Has a Lot of Precious Metals?

The iPhones contain a number of rare precious elements and metals that are a valuable resource and could run out as early as the next century. Among a number of other components, the iPhone contains about 30 chemical elements, including gold, silver, lithium, copper, and aluminum. However, this is only a small fraction of what is actually hidden under the shell we are used to. The smartphone contains a lot of less-known metals, including rare earth elements, which are especially important in the development of various high-tech devices, in particular renewable energy applications.

None of us really realize that we’re using rare earth elements (REE) on a daily basis since they are used in electronics all around us. The iPhone, for example, has lanthanum, which allows the reproduction of vivid color on the screen, and dysprosium with neodymium makes the device vibrate. Electric car owners probably don't know that the magnets that power their cars contain neodymium.

According to experts, such an irrational use of resources is a serious problem because the world is now reconfiguring to a more environmentally friendly economy. As a result, the deficit of such elements will slow down the transition to green technologies, making it impossible to combat global warming.

Recognized experts are sounding the alarm and are trying in every possible way to draw public attention to the problem. In their opinion, the main focus on smartphones is important because almost everyone has this device, which means that we all contribute to the depletion of important chemical elements. Among other things, the production of new smartphones has a high carbon cost, which means it would be much more environmentally friendly to upgrade an old device instead of purchasing a new one. For example, Apple generated $42.6 billion in iPhone sales in September alone.

Did you know about the abundance of rare chemical elements hidden in your smartphone? Will the problem of excess consumption be solved? Please share your thoughts below.


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