Telegram Introduces Shareable Chat Folders and Custom Wallpapers in Latest Update

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Apr 28, 2023
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Telegram Introduces Shareable Chat Folders and Custom Wallpapers in Latest Update

Telegram is rolling out a new update for Android and iOS users, bringing in several new features and improvements. The popular messaging app now offers shareable chat folders, custom wallpapers, an enhanced UI, better bots, read time in topics, and more. iPhone users will also notice new animations for profile pictures.

One of the most noteworthy additions is the shareable chat folder feature. Users can now create and share links to chat folders they want their friends or colleagues to join. This makes it easy for invitees to add a folder and join all its chats with just one tap. Each chat folder comes with multiple invite links that provide access to different chats. Users can even name chat folders like "Office/Work" or "Friends," similar to naming a chat group.

Custom wallpapers are another exciting feature in this update. Users can now set individual wallpapers for different chats, allowing them to personalize conversations easily. The custom wallpaper feature also supports solid colors or gradients for added customization.

The improved user interface includes enhancements such as message reactions, which allow users to respond quickly with emojis or reactions without typing a message. Additionally, the new update introduces read time in topics, making it easier for users to see when someone has read their messages.

Telegram's latest update also offers better bots that can be used for various purposes like customer support, playing games, or getting news updates. These bots have been upgraded with new functions and capabilities that make them more versatile and useful.

In conclusion, Telegram's fresh update brings valuable additions that improve user experience on both Android and iOS platforms. With features like shareable chat folders and custom wallpapers, Telegram continues to innovate and provide its users with unique functionalities not found in other messaging apps.

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