Sega Intends To Revive Additional Beloved Classic Series

  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Jul 23, 2023
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Sega Intends To Revive Additional Beloved Classic Series

During The Game Awards earlier in the week, Sega announced an exciting update: the company plans to revive several of its classic series, including Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, and Golden Axe.

The news came as a delightful shock to aficionados of Sega's vintage games, yet it appears this is merely the beginning of a larger endeavor. In a press release issued after the announcement, Sega's co-COO and CEO of Sega of America, Shuji Utsumi, stated:

"Our current project involves revisiting our rich history to reimagine a variety of our franchises, with the goal of introducing these beloved games to a broader audience worldwide. The reveal we've made today is only the initial phase of this broader strategy. Our primary goal is to craft outstanding games filled with iconic characters and immersive worlds. We're excited for fans of all ages to await our upcoming titles with great eagerness as we launch these new endeavors in the years to come."

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