Intel Arc Graphics Got an Overclocking Tool

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Jan 18, 2023
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Intel Arc Graphics Got an Overclocking Tool

Intel has created a new tool to help overclock their Arc graphics cards, the Arc OC Tool. This is the first third-party overclocking tool specifically designed for Intel’s GPUs, and it offers more options than Intel’s own Arc Control app. The tool supports both static overclocking and offset overclocking, allowing users to squeeze out extra performance from their graphics cards. This is an important step in making Intel’s GPU offerings competitive with those of other vendors like Nvidia.

The Arc OC Tool works with any Intel card regardless of manufacturer and comes with an explicit “use at own risk” warning due to the potential risks associated with manual voltage settings. However, this doesn't mean that users should be discouraged from using the tool. If they take appropriate precautions, then they can safely use it to get better performance from their GPUs without risking damage. Even though modest gains are expected from overclocking an Intel card compared to more powerful alternatives like Nvidia's RTX 4090, every bit helps when it comes to improving gaming performance on Intel hardware.

To ensure safety while using the Arc OC Tool, users need to familiarize themselves with its features before making any adjustments so that they understand how different settings will impact their systems' stability and performance levels. Additionally, monitoring tools should also be used while adjusting settings in order to keep track of temperatures and voltages in order not to exceed recommended limits which could result in hardware damage or instability issues such as crashes or freezes during gameplay sessions.

Additionally, users should make sure their system meets all minimum requirements to run games at higher refresh rates or resolutions before overclocking. Because after successful overclocking, they may become even more demanding, which may not be possible depending on hardware configuration or available cooling solutions to keep temperatures under control even after applying increased frequencies for GPU cores. 


Overall, Peter "Shamino" Tan's new Arc OC Tool is a great way for enthusiasts looking for extra performance out of their Intel graphics cards without resorting to buying pricier alternatives like Nvidia's RTX 4000 series GPUs. With proper knowledge about its usage and understanding of its features, along with some caution taken when dealing with manual voltage settings, gamers can easily find extra frames per second out of existing hardware by taking advantage of this unique utility made by Asus' renowned expert.

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