Fortnite Steps Up In-Game Moderation with New Creative Map Reporting Features

  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Feb 01, 2024
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Fortnite Steps Up In-Game Moderation with New Creative Map Reporting Features

Fortnite's boundless Creative mode has proven to be a playground of innovation, allowing players to fabricate entirely new experiences within the game's universe. This sandbox feature has been pivotal in keeping Fortnite at the forefront of the gaming industry, offering a respite for those weary of the more traditional gameplay offerings. Yet, with great freedom comes great responsibility, and recent times have seen Fortnite deal with the downside of such player autonomy: the emergence of Creative maps marred by racist and offensive content.

The team behind Fortnite's Creative mode, recognizing the severity of the situation, has pledged to introduce additional in-game reporting tools. These new options aim to give the moderation team a sharper edge in identifying and addressing unacceptable content more swiftly. The move comes after Fortnite removed in excess of 100 user-designed maps that had incorporated racist imagery.

FNCreate, the official Twitter voice for Fortnite Creative, has also chimed in. The account conveyed that the moderation process initially gives creators the benefit of the doubt, which occasionally leads to a lax stance in content removal decisions. However, the account assured that with new reports, maps are reassessed and dealt with correctly, while the training materials for the moderation team are continually refined to barricade against future infractions.

The forthcoming enhancements in reporting mechanisms are predicted to bolster the Creative mode's safety and integrity, reinforcing a more positive gaming experience. Many maps created in this mode still stand as singular examples of player creativity, ranging from retro-style shooters and intricate puzzle escapades aboard spacecraft to homages to established franchises and expansive single-player adventures—all thanks to the robust toolset provided by Fortnite Creative 2.0.

Unveiled in March 2023 for Fortnite PC enthusiasts, Creative 2.0 revolutionized player capacity for map creation through the integration of Unreal Engine 5, which can be accessed as a free download from the Epic Games Store. It is the hope of the Fortnite community that the moderation team's efforts will refocus attention on the laudable and often awe-inspiring player-driven creations that have become a hallmark of the platform's inventive spirit.

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