Fallout: London Mod is Finally Close to Launch, Developer Assures

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Jul 09, 2024
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Fallout: London Mod is Finally Close to Launch, Developer Assures

Fan-created project Fallout: London has captivated enthusiasts since its announcement several years ago. According to the creative group Team FOLON, the anticipation is nearing its end, with its launch expected soon. However, the specific release date remains uncertain.

Recently, Team FOLON used Twitter to update followers on the project's status. They stated that several versions of Fallout: London are currently under quality assurance (QA) testing by GOG in anticipation of their final approval.

On behalf of the team, the update expressed that numerous versions of the game have been forwarded to GOG for QA evaluation, and they're eagerly awaiting their final approval. Team FOLON emphasized that it would be ready for release once GOG confirms the game's compatibility and efficiency across all supported devices.

The team further expressed gratitude to GOG for assisting in the final QA testing process and assured fans that despite appearances of inactivity, the project was progressing steadily behind the scenes. 

Originally, the launch of Fallout: London was scheduled to occur in April. However, a significant update by Bethesda for Fallout 4 resulted in complications with pre-existing mods, causing a delay. While it remains uncertain when the project will be ready for public access, there is hope that the wait won't extend for a significantly longer duration.

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