Epic Games Store Offers Sci-Fi Adventure Game Duskers for Free in February 2023

  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Feb 16, 2023
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Epic Games Store Offers Sci-Fi Adventure Game Duskers for Free in February 2023

Video game fans around the world have something to look forward to as Epic Games Store is offering a new sci-fi adventure game, Duskers, for free in February 2023. 

This game is replacing Warpips, which was the store's previous offering. Epic Games Store will allow players to claim Warpips until 10 am CT on February 23, after which the titles will roll over to Duskers.

 Duskers is an indie action strategy game where players have to assemble an army and deploy troops, airstrikes, and missiles in combat. It is a physics-based game that promises fast-paced and streamlined combat, deep strategy, and randomized battles. There are no pay-to-win elements or microtransactions involved. 

Players take on the role of a drone pilot, who is exploring derelict spaceships in search of valuable resources while trying to survive. The game requires players to use drones to find survivors and resources while also having to manage the power and oxygen levels of their ship. Players have to make difficult decisions during their journey, as they have limited resources and must find ways to survive in the hostile environment.

Duskers is a unique game that promises an exciting sci-fi adventure. It is a challenging game that requires players to make difficult decisions and use their resources wisely while trying to survive. 

So, if you are looking for an exciting game to play in February 2023, Epic Games Store's offering of Duskers might be the one for you. Let us know your thoughts about the game in the comments section below.

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