Alan Wake Joins Dead by Daylight in Thrilling Crossover Event

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Jan 31, 2024
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Alan Wake Joins Dead by Daylight in Thrilling Crossover Event

The world of Dead by Daylight has expanded to include the beloved character Alan Wake, a move eagerly awaited by fans following the announcement from Behaviour Interactive, the game's Montreal-based developer. Now, with the 7.5.0 update, Alan Wake steps into the fray as the latest Survivor in Tome 18: Revision, equipped with unique perks to aid in his survival against the horrifying antagonists of the game.

Alan Wake shines as a Survivor, particularly with his "Champion of Light" perk. When armed with a flashlight, he gains increased movement speed, making evasion of pursuers more likely. Successfully disorienting a pursuing threat grants an additional slowing effect against them. However, after such use, this ability requires a cooldown.

Another skill at his disposal is the innovative "Boon: Illumination." Close to an inactive or affected Totem, Alan can conjure a Boon Totem, which rings with a gentle chime. Those within the Boon's reach gain the advantage of seeing the location of Chests and Generators in a soothing blue aura. Additionally, his presence hastens the purification or blessing of Totems—a single Totem may be blessed at any time.

The "Deadline" perk is Alan's third major asset, which becomes integral when he's in a compromised state. He encounters an increased frequency of Skill Checks, demanding precision and focus while healing or repairing. Moreover, the repercussions for failing these checks are significantly reduced, allowing for a margin of error.

Not only does Alan bring his tactical prowess, but he also arrives with various cosmetic options. Fans can choose the "classic" appearance reminiscent of his styling in the original Alan Wake game, a blazer paired with a hoodie for a sharp look. Other sartorial choices include the "Bright Falls" look for a more laid-back vibe and exclusive outfits such as those of Saga Anderson from Alan Wake 2 and Rose Marigold, reminiscent of the characters from the series. Players can immerse themselves even further by dressing as the adept FBI agent or the steadfast diner waitress.

Adding to the excitement, the studio announced a new "limited-time" event known as Lights Out, guaranteed to raise the stakes. From February 7th through the 14th, this event will cast a deeper shade over the Trials, enhancing difficulty and atmosphere, where players will need their wits about them more than ever.

Dead by Daylight is available across an array of platforms, including PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Switch, and mobile platforms. The latest public test build on PC now features Alan Wake, offering players a chance to navigate the darkness with him. Meanwhile, fans can also look forward to Alan Wake 2, which will be playable on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5.

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