"Against the Storm" Emerges from Early Access with a Thrilling Blend of City Building and Survival

  • Rebecca Hickey
  • Dec 10, 2023
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"Against the Storm" Emerges from Early Access with a Thrilling Blend of City Building and Survival

Recently, the compelling title "Against the Storm" transitioned from its early access phase to a full-fledged release. This survival-oriented city builder meticulously fuses the appeal of roguelike elements with the immersive intricacies of city development, offering players succinct yet deeply engaging urban planning encounters. On December 8, Eremite Games, the studio behind the game, enhanced its offerings with a 1.0 update that introduced an arduous Ironman challenge mode, further enriching the game's debut features.

In the world of "Against the Storm," players construct cities that not only stand alone but also contribute to a larger network of settlements. Each city becomes a resource provider to the central sheltered capital. As the relentless storm cycles obliterate the external landscape, these cities may be swept away. However, in a typical roguelike twist, every resource salvaged and every royal decree fulfilled bolsters your subsequent ventures into urban construction.

The gameplay isn't just about building and survival; there's a grander objective in sight. Players engage with mystical seals, meddling with them in hopes of fostering a brighter, albeit uncertain, future.

"Against the Storm" has carved out a distinct place in the realm of city-building games over the last couple of years. It stands out with its nuanced challenges and an inventive approach that distinguishes it from both other survival-based and traditional urban planners. The incorporation of roguelike dynamics into a genre that traditionally does not align with such gameplay has been key to its appeal.

The game's setting is far from ordinary—a medley of fantasy elements unfolds as players maneuver through a perilous magical storm to help diverse species such as Humans, Beavers, Lizards, Harpies, and Foxes establish footholds. All the while serving a queen whose demeanor may be intimidating yet seems essential to everyone's survival.

The creators at Eremite Games have expressed gratitude for the community's role in shaping the game, highlighting how player feedback has been pivotal to the game's success. They hinted that the journey with "Against the Storm" is far from over, leaving players tantalized with the possibility of more content updates in the future.

The excitement around the game's progress is palpable, especially when updates come knocking. "Against the Storm" is available for purchase on platforms such as Epic, GOG, and Steam, priced at US $30. With an enticing sale of 35% off on GOG and Steam until December 15, enthusiasts have an excellent opportunity to dive into this unique survival city-builder.

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