15 Best Mods for The Sims 4 (2021)

  • Beatrice Taylor
  • Nov 21, 2021
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15 Best Mods for The Sims 4 (2021)

The Sims 4 has always been a great way to live the life of your dream, even in cyberspace. The creators of it covered as many aspects of human life as they could; alas, it wasn’t all of them. Independent mod makers, though, have always been around to the rescue, offering mods with new items, careers, lifestyles, and improvements to what already existed. So here are the best fifteen mods to The Sims 4 that appeared since the release of the original game in 2013.

More CAS Traits for Sims

Do you want to customize your Sims more finely? Okay, with this mod you’ll be able to add up to five traits per character, making them persons rather than functions.

Have Some Personality Please

Tired of small talk when it’s not necessary? With this mod, the interaction of your sims will make more sense.

Emotional Inertia

This mod makes sims’ emotions more logical, not so random that they can jump from depression to love and then get adventurous, and then focused. No, now there will be smooth emotional transitions.

Meaningful Stories

Similar to the previous mod, this one is rather a about happiness. It’s logical to see your sims happy when a certain jolly event takes place.

Slice of Life

And this one makes emotional changes visible as they reflect on postures and composures of your sims.

Height Sliders

What to edit your characters’ height but couldn’t? With Height Sliders, get them taller or shorter.

Better Build/Buy

It’s the perfect choice if The Sims 4 is mostly about the environment for you.

Bunk Beds

A long-awaited mod now lets organize your space much better. You may try it in real life too.

Better Romance

It unlocks all the romantic interactions possible even to use with sims your character is not in a relationship with.

SimDa Dating App

Yes, a dating app. If the world of Sims is realistic, it should have its own Tinder. 

Risky WooHoo

But don’t forget where babies come from! With Risky WooHoo, forget about safety and remember about possible parenthood.

Life’s Drama

Eleven dramatic scenarios spice up the life in your sleepy neighborhood.

Get a Job

Install this mod and find out how many interesting professions are around. The default just kept them hidden.

Turbo Careers

More career opportunities! With Turbo Careers, get all the activities within your career available easier.

The Explore Mod

And this brings life to your characters who don’t need you to get jobs, go shopping, or start relationships. Let them live and see what happens!

All these mods are compatible with the latest updates of The Sims 4 (which is important, given how many updates it’s seen). And what’s your favorite one? Do you play The Sims 4? Is it just a place to have some fun or visualization of your perfect life? Let’s talk about it in comments and drop names of your favorite mods.

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