Toca Life World

  • Rebecca Hickey
This puzzle game provides young minds with a safe and engaging platform where they create characters and construct worlds based on their dreams and aspirations. The game assimilates all Toca Life apps into one sizable experience.

Expand Your Gameplay in an Ever-Growing World

In Toca Life World, your child isn't tethered by strict gameplay patterns or rules; rather, the game encourages free exploration. The eight accessible game locations include a bustling shopping mall, a trendy hairdresser, and more, allowing interaction with up to 39 quirky, charming characters. Its continuously evolving environment adds to the game's longevity, as it always offers something unique and exciting to discover.

Each location in Toca Life World has its unique charm. At the post office, collect weekly gifts and encounter the adorable crumpet named Snippet. A venture into the food court offers seven diverse food trucks, each special in its cuisine. The hair salon allows bouts of creativity through hair styling and color changes. Also, in locations like the shop-filled Departure Store, movie-screening Theatre, and even an apartment, there's a fascinating world waiting to be explored.

But the real charm of the game lies in its characters and the endearing creatures called crumpets. Sometimes found hidden away like Easter eggs, the crumpets offer an extra kick of joy as you interact with them throughout the game. Besides the crumpets, the characters in Toca Life World also add diversity to the gameplay. Each character is unique, which encourages the player to explore deeper into the game.

In-App Purchases: Freemium with a Little More

Though the game is free, some might view the in-app purchases to add more locations, characters, and pets as limiting. However, the game doesn't exclude players who prefer the free experience as it provides rare items weekly, ensuring that every player gets the chance to amass a trove of unique possessions in the game.


Toca Life World provides an outlet for children to express their creativity while understanding the world around them. With more than 200 million downloads globally , it has engaged children and adults alike with its enticing world full of delightful characters and diverse locations. 

To summarize , Toca Life World is an amazing game for children and adults alike, offering a platform to let imagination run wild and have fun while being creative. Despite the potential cons, it still stands as an attractive choice for a kid-friendly gaming application.

  • Offers children a safe, non-violent platform to express creativity
  • Diverse locations and characters keep the gameplay exciting
  • Availability of rare items keeps the free version of the game rewarding.
  • Potential for children to spend real money in the game if not guided.