Crash Bandicoot Mobile

  • Isaac Johnson
It is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms. It is free of charge.


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! tells you the story about energetic Crash and his sister Coco who have to stop Doctor Neo Cortex and his helpers from destroying the world. To do this, they need to run a lot. There are three-lane paths with crucial ingredients hanging above. While running, Crash and Coco gather them and add to the potion, bomb, or even raygun. Once everything is gathered, you have to run to Coco’s Base and gather these ingredients into a powerful weapon. Without it, you will not be able to attack your enemies.
You can play this game alone or with your friend. Decide which character you want to be and run. You will meet numerous bosses on your way that help evil doctors, including Fake Crash and Coco, Dr. N-Gin, and Nina Cortex. After each successful mission, you receive rewards. With them, you may unlock skins you like and lands to explore. You can explore the whole Wumpa Archipelago, including Temple Ruins and Turtle Wood. If you are a fan of the classic Crash game, you will find numerous pleasant surprises inside the mobile version.


There are no detailed landscapes in front of you. They are colorful and simple. Yet, it is what attracts players. They can explore a wide range of locations with different climates. You can travel around the mountain, in the forest, or in the exotic village. Both main characters are cute and cartoonish. Although they don’t look realistic, you will like to play one of them. Antagonists don’t look scary at all, but rather funny. The game is suitable for the whole family.

Replay Value

This game has a linear story. In the end, you have to meet the main evil and destroy his plans. However, while you already know the end, you still can enter the game to explore this world and gather more rewards. You can play different characters, choose different roads, and totally improve your scores. Since it is multiplayer, Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is fun to play with friends. You can change characters and play with different people.


You don’t need to learn anything specific for this game. The controls are standard. You have to swipe a lot to move Crash or his sister. To fight with enemies using a spinning attack just tap the screen, swiping it at the same time. Mobile users will quickly master the skills in navigating the game. All controls are familiar to you already. But if you want to win the game, train to run and jump for some time.


Crash Bandicoot: On the Run! is the mobile version of the famous classic Crash Bandicoot game. It welcomes you into the adventures of Crash and Coco, two bandicoots who want to save the world from an evil genius. You can play any of the two characters alone or ask your friend to join you. The game has evergreen replay value and is simple to navigate.

  • Adorable characters
  • Wide range of skins and weapons
  • Versatile maps
  • Numerous levels
  • Free of charge.
  • Graphics are not detailed
  • Repetitive soundtrack.